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Drain & Cleanse Pack

Drain & Cleanse Pack

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One of the most neglected areas of dog health is drainage and the buildup of external toxins and heavy metals. The truth is our world has introduced dangerous foreign substances that their bodies are not designed to expel. 

What to do? Increase drainage while binding to these harmful toxins and heavy metals. 

That's what the Drain & Cleanse Pack does. Microbiome.scrubber is an all natural gut scrubber that will clean the intestinal tract and improve drainage. System.detox binds to and removes heavy metals and toxins to remove them from the body now that drainage is open. Cellular.oxygen helps put the dog's cells in a state ready to heal by increasing oxygen levels.

This potent trio is safe, effective and most likely missing from your pet's health regiment. Try the Drain & Cleanse Pack today!


System.detox Ingredients

Proven.carbons Blend

Humic & Fulvic Extracts

Magnesium stearate

Silicone dioxide

Cellulose (Capsule)

Cellular.oxygen Ingredients

Stabilized Oxygen

Proven.Carbons (Fulvic Acid)


Sea Salt



Purified Water

Micriobiome.scrubber Ingredients

Mimosa Pudica Seed Extract

Hypermellose Capsule

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