There are a lot of pet supplement companies with scores of products, some are good and some are less than good. Each competitor product is designed to treat a certain symptom such as itching, upset stomach or allergies. This approach has resulted in a sea of potential solutions with no way to navigate them. This is why most pet parents go in circles or avoid pet supplements all together. 

Here is the problem: Without a plan or system on how to use the products together, the root cause of the symptom isn’t addressed. This is the opposite of improving a pet’s health, this is suppressing progress in order to gain short term results.

The Solution? After years of research and experimentation, Proven.pet has created pet supplements that are designed to drastically improve your pet’s health from the inside out. Our team often refers to this as foundational health. The only short and long term solution to your pet’s health issues.

This natural approach to healing improves cellular energy function, increases drainage, removes heavy metals and toxins, restores the microbiome and strengthens the immune system. All of this resulting in preventing premature aging, helping your dog to live longer.


The Science

  • We believe drainage is crucial to keeping the body free from harmful toxic residue and build up. Proven.protocol, specifically Intestinal.scrubber, help to scrub the GI tract and increase healthy drainage. 
  • The only pet supplements to remove heavy metals and toxins with an active binder, System.detox. 
  • The only pet supplements to increase cellular function and mitochondrial biogenesis. 
  • Only pet supplements with a long term plan in place to resolve issues, not just suppress them while taking supplements.
  • We believe pet health should focus on three main areas: nutrition, exercise and supplements. We recognize the importance of pet supplements while acknowledging that they are not the solution to every issue. 
  • Supplement ingredients should be research backed.

The Business

  • Our obligation and priority is to pets first. Proven.pet is constantly learning and improving its products in order to better serve our pets. 
  • Proven.pet avoids white noise buzzwords including vet recommended, made in the USA, all natural, etc. Even if some are accurate and could be applied to our products.
  • We are family owned and operated.
  • We are a small business.
  • Orders shipped daily, customer service requests responded to daily. 

Quality of Life

  • Preventive care is done best by loving pet parents in their home, not at the vet’s office. 
  • Our pet’s deserve the same attention and opportunity to supplements as we do. 
  • Form factor matters, too messy means it’s not available for the pet to absorb. Too inconvenient means it’ll be forgotten. 
  • Pet supplements should work so well that the positive results are obvious in day to day life. 
  • Proven.pet believes value is very important. No pet can benefit from our supplements if their parents cannot afford them. 


At Proven.pet, we like to think we work in partnership with nature. Our supplement technology builds on what already works naturally.

Proven.carbons are the best of what is in the soil beneath our feet, humic and fulvic acids. By extracting and energizing through a special process, these active carbons are helping dogs live longer and healthier just as they do for plants in the wild.

If you as a pet parent are looking to do something truly amazing for your pet, try the Proven.pet Supplements today.


You know by now that we don't mean in the graphics on our labels when referring to details. Notice our packaging is black? This is for maximum prevention of UV exposure to allow for a longer shelf life and higher ingredient efficacy.

Our team also believes that minimizing unimportant factors like fancy packaging, over promoting with ads, and lobbying is crucial. If it doesn't benefit the dog, a minimalist approach is best.

Look for details in our formulas, amount of ingredients, shipping speed, customer care, 60 Day Money back guarantee and more.